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In March 2013 charitable organization "Teachers for Democracy and Partnership" (Ukraine) and "Global Action Plan" (Sweden), has launched the 3 year project "Sustainable Household"(Ecoteams), supported by SIDA.

EcoTeams is a simple idea that expresses the basic principles of sustainable behaviour change: with the right inspiration, and by doing things together, everyone can make small changes that add up to a big difference. 

An EcoTeam can be started by anyone, anywhere.

People team up and decide to help each other

They decide what actions they want to take, working on six proposed topics (Water, Garbage, Energy, Money, Health and Chemicals at Home) for 2-3 month at 9 meetings.

Together they measure the impact they’ve made, and celebrate their results.

The project has been extremely effective in Ukraine and caused significant practical results.

The direct results are:

  • Approximately 2000 households took part in the program within 1,5 year of project active phase
  • 12000 kW of saved Energy; 436524 liters of saved water;

the amount of produced garbage was decreased up to 2,5 tones  

The results above are the difference between start of participation in the program and finishing it and were measured only PER ONE WEEK.Though an evaluation research showed that taking more environmentally responsible actions becomes a habit for EcoTeam members. Those surveyed took more actions one year after finishing a team than they did when they had just finished.
In our study,  EcoTeamers achieved savings in electricity of 17%, water 18%. They reduced the amount of rubbish they sent to landfill by 27%.

What makes EcoTeams work?

  • People talk to each other in groups, with other people just like them
  • No one dictates what people do, they decide what works in their lives
  • Providing information in an accessible way
  • Having a structure, so that people know what to do and when
  • Getting people to measure their impact, and using the results for encouragement and feedback

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